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Tree & Property Protection
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We offer landscaping , maintenance and design for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Wyoming, West Chester, Terrace Park, Amberley Village, Hyde Park, Blue Ash, Montgomery, Mason, Mariemonet, Madeira, Kenwood,Indian Hill, Indian Springs


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Tree Preservation and Property Protection

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At Chuc’s, we would be honored if you would allow us the opportunity to transform your home into the jewel of the neighborhood. A beautiful, green lawn, well manicured shrubs and flower beds, and healthy trees will make passersby stop and admire your property. Professional landscaping will kick your curb appeal up a notch and create a yard that will deliver years of enjoyment for you and your family. Call Chuc’s Lawn Care & Landscaping to develop a vision for your outdoor oasis.

Our locally owned and operated business has been serving the West Chester area for four years. Additionally, the technicians who work for us have 10 years of experience, and they are fully licensed and insured. For your one-time project, we provide free estimates and professional, quality service. Also, our maintenance agreements take the work out of lawn care and landscaping while ensuring that you save a significant amount of money over the long term.

If you love to entertain, then a distinctive outdoor atmosphere could mean memorable outdoor gatherings for friends and family. On the other hand, if you prefer to enjoy your yard in solitude, then a lush environment filled with paths, seating, water features, and greenery can turn your yard into a haven of rest and relaxation. Your outdoor space matters just as much as your indoor space, and you want to trust it to the professionals. You can contact Chuc’s today to arrange Landscaping services

Lawn & Garden Care

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Have you thought of hiring someone to help out with your lawn care? Do you want lush green grass, but you just don't have the time to do the job yourself? Maintaining beautiful turf involves weekly mowing, but you also need to consider seeding, aerating, fertilization, maintenance, and pest control. Let the professionals from Chuc’s Lawn Care & Landscaping provide smart solutions for your lawn and landscape.

When you contact our company, our friendly, knowledgeable staff will greet you. With over 10 years of experience including four years of serving residents in West Chester, OH and surrounding areas, we have the skills to help you create the yard you've envisioned. Our maintenance agreements will help you to save money over the long term. In addition to lawn care, we offer a number of other services including:

  • Hardscaping
  • Residential and commercial landscaping
  • Mowing services
  • Drainage systems
  • and More!
Lawns covered with weeds or brown patches can take time to repair, and weekly mowing can rob you of valuable personal time. If your groundcover needs some improvement, then we offer options that are both beautiful and affordable. You aren't going to become any less busy, so why wait to have a lawn that your neighbors and visitors to make your lawn care vision become reality


Custom Walkway Paver Stone

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We can design all types of custom walkway paver stone applications.

There is no addition more romantic and elegant to a beautiful landscape than the addition of paving stone walkways. Even in a small yard, walkway pavers can take you to different garden patches, benches underneath trees, or secluded reading nooks. With walkway pavers from Chuc’s, you can create convenient and attractive garden beds, separating your flowers from your vegetables in a beautiful and orderly fashion, and making it so that you never have to walk in the mud or damage your plants in order to work in your garden. Installation is quick and easy from Chuc’s, and you can be enjoying your custom designer paver stone walkways in no time at all! Our prices are competitive and affordable, and with the varieties of options available we will be able to work with you to find a paving stone walkway, patio or even driveway solution that fits your design needs and your budget. From the variety of materials available to the layout design you choose, and even the width and length of your paths, the customizable aspects of your walkway pavers will be sure to satisfy you.

Our walkway pavers and paving stones at come in a variety of textures and a veritable rainbow of hues and shades. Whether you want a deep red brick paver walkway with a traditional herringbone pattern of installation, whether you love the look of dark gray, old-world cobblestones in their fan patterns, or whether you want the contemporary, eco-conscious look of rustic local stones, we can get you the walkways you want for your yard and garden at Chuc’s!

Depending on your style, you might be a fan of an old world cobblestone designed walkway, or it might be natural stones in random sizes and shapes for a look that is easy and sophisticated. Whether your decorating style is sleek and modern or shabby-chic, we can help you get the look you want for your paving stone walkway at Chuc’s, Lawn Care and Landscaping.


Retaining Walls

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Retaining walls can be a great addition to any outdoor space. Generally, they serve one of two purposes

The main use of retaining wall blocks is to do what their name implies – retain earth. If you have a slope or grade in your yard on your property that you need to retain for structural reasons, retaining wall blocks are the best way to do this. Most residential walls are no more than 5 feet tall, but the products we use can be installed over 20 feet in height. From an aesthetics perspective, most of the retaining wall blocks we install are produced by the same companies that manufacture our paver products, therefore you get colors and blends that compliment each other very well.

The other and more frequent use of retaining walls is decorative. The same paver manufacturer’s wall blocks can be used to build stand alone sitting areas, fire pits, columns for pergolas, landscape walls which add elevation to your yard, privacy walls, and of course, retaining walls which hold back earth are very decorative as well.

The process for installing a retaining wall involves digging a trench beneath the level grade of the land, filling that trench with a layer of compacted base material and at least one row of blocks which once the job is completed, won’t be visible. This row is the anchor for the wall. The higher the wall, the deeper the anchor needs to be and in turn, the more material needs to be installed beneath the surface. Once the foundation is set, we build the wall row by row. Behind the retaining wall, we install a special geo-textile fabric which will allow for proper water percolation and also contain the large grade rocks which are going to be filled in the gap behind the new wall and the earth. Once the wall is built up to the height that is necessary, a cap stone is installed, the fabric is closed off and dirt and grass are installed over the gap we discussed above.

This is a very general description of how retaining walls that hold back earth are installed. Beyond this application, firepits, sitting walls, landscape walls, and stand alone privacy walls are installed a little differently as they don’t generally require a deep anchor row, geo-textile fabric, rocks or grading. They are more decorative in nature and in turn, they are cheaper.

Call us today to get started on your project!

Patio With Pavers

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Build a new patio with pavers.

Turning your back yard into a beautiful extension of your home is a great investment of your hard earned money. Not only will it add lasting value to your home, but you will enjoy it for years to come. The main benefit with building a paver patio, is that you have a clean slate and tons of room for imagination. We can help you design the patio of your dreams. We routinely build planter areas, fire pits, sitting areas, retaining walls, and outdoor kitchens to accompany our patios. The job will consist of determining where the patio is going to be built, excavating the existing earth and back filling that area with compacted base material to establish the foundation of your new patio pavers!

Remodel an existing deck or patio with new pavers

This is the cheapest way to install pavers. Using an existing surface as the solid, concrete base beneath your new pavers eliminates the need for excavation of grass and dirt. Additionally, you won’t have to pay for the delivery and installation of compacted base material since we are going to install new thin, one inch pavers right over top of the existing patio. Thin pavers are set over top a small bed of sand. We use this layer to smooth out any imperfections in the existing concrete surface. We can also increase the pitch of the existing concrete surface by building up this sand bed so your new patio pavers in miami drains well and water doesn’t collect on the surface.

Tree and Property Protection

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Are your trees in serious need of attention? Tree maintenance is difficult work, and if you're not a professional, it can also be downright dangerous. If you're in need of tree services in West Chester, OH and surrounding areas, trust our team to come in and get the job done.

Preserving Your Trees and Protecting Your Property

At Chuc’s Lawn Care & Landscaping, we do more than just remove excess branches and leaves to keep your trees looking great; we also make certain your trees are healthy so that their structural integrity isn't compromised. Whether you have a small backyard or several acres of land, we're ready to evaluate the state of your trees and provide the thorough, detailed tree services you need to keep your property looking its best.

Don’t let your yard become an unruly jungle. Our tree services will leave your yard looking attractive and orderly, just like a beautiful property ought to be. Call us today for more details or to schedule an appointment.


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